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Monday, July 21, 2014

Here are general tips to maintain a parrot:

Here are general tips to maintain a parrot:

Clean the parrot cage regularly, even daily if necessary. Clean the cage fro Agen Judi Bola Resmi Taruhan Judi online Terpercayam dirt, hair loss, or leftovers.
Give the parrot fresh water at least once a day.
Parrot feeding twice a day. Each type of parrots eat different foods, so be sure to know the most appropriate feed for your parrot.
Play with parrot. Provide a variety of toys for your pet parrots.
Parrots are intelligent birds at once easily bored if they are not given toys. Parrots are bored to stress and will probably start pulling their own feathers. Maintaining a bird as a pet which is very enjoyable as a hobby dealer. It turns out not only that cattle can also be used as a hobby bird but it can be profitable as income. For livestock parrot indeed easy bother, meaning that with a little patience, diligence and willingness of each person must be able to do so. And in addition to giving the feed is not too troublesome because only two times a day. No wonder that many successful breeders of parrots bred in his home. Call it Solo, Klaten and Yogyakarta menjadisentra parrot breeders.
Matching Method Before the insert into the breeding cage should be a first pairing process in order to avoid a fight that can be fatal to lose the bird will die. In this process the male and female bird we h
JOKIBET.COM Agen Casino Online Terpercaya old for approximately 1 week. This is so that the birds can get to know each other. The signs for a bird that has a soul mate can be seen when the bird is sleeping, the sleep side by side at the moment. If you've seen a mate is not another bird Maintaining sleep is one of the most favorite activities today. It is undeniable penchant for maintaining bird activity has indeed existed since before the internet was born, but to adult activity that may still not love a little loved by parents and young children. Namuncara maintain burungdapat arguably a bit complicated, especially if you yourself do not quite understand how to maintain the bird. By maintaining a bird Because weve not as easy to maintain as well lion or hamster. Birds as you know is the type of animal that is not one of the actual pet, because the bird did not really master the instinct to recognize also depends on the employer. How do I maintain a parrot for example. Bird fact is not made boxed and well maintained. Caused By bird free labeled and also should emang off the free way of life. Complexity in maintaining the bird is essentially contained in procession menjaringnya, training, and Horse (Equus caballus or Equus ferus caballus) is one of ten modern species of mammals of the genus Equus. This animal has long been one of the important livestock economically, and has played an important role in the transport of people and goods for thousands of years. Horses can be ridden by humans using the saddle and can be used to draw something, such as wheeled vehicles or plows. In some areas, the horse is also used as a food sourBetklik99 Agen Bola Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014ce. Although the horse farm is estimated to have begun in 4500 BC, evidence of the use of horses for human purposes newfound occurred since 2000 BC. In the Java language called lesson, Makassar language called rare.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Application of green bean cultivation

Application of green bean cultivation technology in general is as follows:

Terms Growing

Agen Casino Online        Land
Texture: Clay argillaceous contains a lot of organic matter, aeration and good drainage.
Loose soil structure
PH optimum 5.8 7.0 6.7
Optimal rainfall 50-200 mm / month
Temperature of 25-27 0C with air humidity 50-80% and getting enough sunlight
Texture: Clay argillaceous contains a lot of organic matter, aeration and good drainage.
Loose soil structure
PH optimum 5.8 7.0 6.7


Seed and Variety

All varieties of green beans that have been released fit grown in paddy fields and dry.
New varieties of disease-resistant powdery mildew and leaf spot as Sriti, Kutilang, turtledove, and murals can be recommended to be planted in the endemic areas of the disease.
Seed needs about 20 kg / ha with 90% power grows.

Land preparation

Agen Judi Bola        In the former rice fields, no need for tillage (no-tillage = TOT).
Rice stubble should be cut short and cleaned as necessary or marginalized.
When the muddy soil drainage channel needs to be created with a distance of 3-5 m
On dry land or used other crops (maize) processing necessary land:
piracy as deep as 15-20 cm,
then smoothed and leveled.
irrigation canals created with a distance 3-5 m.


Method of planting

Planting the drill system, two seeds / hole.
In the rainy season, use a spacing of 40 cm x 15 cm so as to achieve a population of 300-400 thousand plants / ha.
In the dry season used spacing of 40 c
Agen Bola Terpercayam x 10 cm so that the population is around 400-500 thousand plants / ha.
In the former rice plants, planting green beans should not be more than 5 days after the rice is harvested,
Stitching is done at the time the plant was no more than 7 days.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

As the media grows oyster mushrooms, sawdust serves

As the media grows oyster mushrooms, sawdust serves as a provider of nutrients for mushrooms. The wood is used in the best hardwood sawdust because of t
he great potential in improving harvest oyster mushrooms. This is because many pregnant hardwood cellulose needed by the fungus. The type of hardwood that can be used as planting media, among others, three flamboyant oyster mushroom, wood cottage, and mahogany wood. To get wood powder pembudidaya be acquiring place sawmilling. Previously used as a media normally be composted wood sebuk advance that can break down into simpler compounds that can be so easily digested by the fungus. Wood sawdust composting process is done by using plastic or tarpaulin closed for 1-2 days. Compost may last well if there is increase in temperature of about 50 degrees C.
Alternative materials that can be used to replace wood powder is a wide variety of grounds, for example, coffee grounds, paper pulp, sugar cane pulp, and the dregs of tea. However, based on the experience of the oyster mushroom farmers in the lowlands, a good medium for regular use of the sawdust.

Betklik99 Agen Bola Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014 Media in the form of bran / bran and corn flour serves as a substrate and producing calories for mushroom growth. Before buying bran and cornmeal, should first make sure the materials are new. If wearing materials that have long feared has happened fermentation can result in the growth of unwanted fungi. Based on our results, the use of bran or corn teung provide the same quality of results as mushroom nutritional content of both materials is similar. However, the use of bran is considered more efficient because they can trim costs and tend to be easy to find because many used as animal feed. Limestone (CaCO3) serves as a source of minerals and pH controller. Ca content in lime to neutralize the acid produced meselium mushroom which can also cause a low pH media.
Containers used to put the media mix is ​​heat resistant clear plastic bag (PE 0.002) measuring 20 cm x 30 cm. As to the composition of the seed media is 100 kg of sawdust; 10 kg of maize flour; fine bran or bran 10 kg; 0.5 kg of compost; limestone (CaCO3) 0.5 kg; and 50-60% water. There are two things to note before doing the cultivation of mushroom seed, that sterilization and sterilization baglog material. Sterilization Materials
Before mixed with other media, wood and pellet raid sterilized prior to use oven for 6-8 hours at a temperature of 100 degrees C. With the addition of sterilization to reduce microorganisms cause kontaminsasi also menguranngi water on the sawdust. Thu Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesias, the media becomes drier. The material is mixed and given water kemmudian around 50-60% until the dough becomes resistant and can dikepal. Water works in the absorption of nutrients by the mycelium. The water used should be potable water to reduce the risk of contamination by other organisms in the media. In entering into the

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

En Indonesia, el cultivo de zanahoria original

En Indonesia, el cultivo de zanahoria original se concentró en la zona y Cipanas Lembang, Java Occidental. Sin embargo, cuando se ha extendido a toda la región en un centro de verduras, tanto en Java como fuera de Java. Actualmente en la superficie agrícola utilizada de Indonesia para el cultivo de zanahorias alrededor 13.398 hectáreas en 16 Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesiaas.
Cómo cultivar zanahorias bueno y correcto
Debido al crecimiento de las plantas de zanahoria requiere un clima frío y húmedo, entonces incluso las zanahorias se pueden plantar durante todo el año, sino que deben ser plantados en las zonas de montaña. Temperatura necesaria para el crecimiento y la producción de tubérculos puede optimizarse entre 15.6 o-21, 1o C. Si la temperatura es demasiado elevada (calor) producen tubérculos son a menudo pequeñas (anormal) y el color es pálido / aburrido. Por el contrario, si la temperatura del aire es demasiado baja (muy frío), tubérculos producen en una pequeña forma y la longitud.
Plantas de zanahoria va a salir bien en la tierra que está suelto, fértil, contiene una gran cantidad de materia orgánica (humus), y cuenta con aire acondicionado y un sistema de agua que funciona bien (no agrupada). Este tipo de suelo es andosol suelo generalmente se encuentran en zonas de montaña. La acidez del suelo requerida para plantas de zanahoria osciló entre 5.5 a 6.5. Si el pH del suelo es inferior a 5,0, entonces la planta de la zanahoria no puede formar bulbos.
Además de considerar los factores naturales como se mencionó anteriormente, para llevar a cabo con el cultivo de zanahoria derecho, debe prestar atención a la forma correcta de plantar zanahorias como a continuación:

BUNDAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA1. Viveros Buena semilla es el inicio del proceso para obtener los resultados máximos. Para obtener una buena semilla, las plantas deben proceder de plantas que crecen rápido y fuerte, las semillas deben ser de las variedades de maduración temprana, tienen una alta potencia de salida, y forma uniforme. La buena semilla se puede comprar en las tiendas de suministros agrícolas. Sin embargo, los agricultores generalmente hacen su propio criadero con las siguientes etapas:
una. Elija plantas que crecen zanahorias fértiles y saludables y alrededor de 3 meses de edad. Desenchufe las zanahorias y anote el tubérculo. Si las bombillas son de forma anormal (no deshabilitado), amarillo / naranja, y tiene una piel lisa y brillante, el tubérculo es elegible para servir como el árbol madre. b. Tallos de la cosecha y las hojas unidas a la bombilla y dejando + / - 10 cm. Cortar alrededor de un tercio de las bombillas. Hosting Unlimited dan Domain Murah Terbaik di Indonesiac. Preparar las zanahorias haciendo vivero tierra camas-perfectos semillero preparado mediante la inclusión óptima estiércol dado. Hacer el hoyo con una separación de 40 a 60 cm x 40 a 60 cm

Monday, July 7, 2014

upa: Pupa es la etapa de oruga de las hongkong

Pupa: Pupa es la etapa de oruga de las hongkong del ciclo de vida que no comen y no beben, de color amarillo y se asemejan a los escarabajos adultos momia. T.molitor
L. pupa puede alcanzar una longitud de unos 15 mm, una anchura de 5 mm y es de color blanco, cuando comenzó a formarse y luego transformado en color dorado).

Los insectos adultos: después de unos 7 días de edad pupa, pupa piel se rompió y fuera escarabajos. En el momento de salir del escarabajo. En el momento de salir de la crisálida, el cuerpo del escarabajo es todavía blando y pálido, a menudo referido como "teneral '. orugas hongkong escarabajos adultos son longitudes denagn marrón oscuro entre 17 y 25 mm. Escarabajo hembra adulta que pondrá huevos.

Eso fue un pequeño artículo sobre el Cultivo de la Información Todas Silkworm Cultivo Método Hongkong ya descrito anteriormente. ¿Quién sabe que podría ser útil como una guía en Hong Kong Raising orugas. Puede ser útil también para su curso. Creo que llegó aquí primero para los amantes de la ISB. Eso es todo y gracias
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Una de las opciones para llenar los espacios

Una de las opciones para llenar los espacios abiertos en zonas residenciales es plantar hierba. ¿Qué tipo debemos elegir? ¿Cómo fue el camino de la plantación y el mantenimiento?

Hace unos años, la hierba sólo podría ser considerado como una plaga o simplemente cubierta de tierra regular. Nadie miró existencia de plantas
BOLAWIN88.COM PUSAT BANDAR TARUHAN AGEN JUDI BOLA CASINO POKER BOLATANGKAS DAN TOGEL ONLINE TERPERCAYA INDONESIAque se adaptan a esta familia gramíneas. Sin embargo, la hierba es ahora un elemento a tener en cuenta en el mundo del paisaje, ya que puede embellecer el paisaje de un edificio. Condensador de ajuste de la hierba ahora las plantas, ya sea en el patio, la esquina de la casa, incluso en la parte superior de los edificios DAK. , la hierba es ahora una opción preferida para la creación de áreas verdes.

En general, las hojas de la hierba tiene una forma alargada como una cinta, exuberante, con una variedad de patrones de color. Sin embargo, existe también el tipo de hojas de hierba forma ligeramente más redondeada, por ejemplo un mini tipos de pasto elefante. Hoja está en el centro de la belleza de la hierba, así como su interés en algún tipo de hierba.

Mantenga en todo terreno

La hierba se siembra por lo general en grupos en una zona bastante amplia, por lo que el color verde fijo da una impresión tranquilizadora. Además de la compacidad y la belleza de su color, el otro es el exceso de hierba más resistente a distintos tipos de terreno, si el terreno es duro o blando.

"Sin embargo, el camino de la conservación y el mantenimiento
DAUNPOKER.NET AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYAes la clave para el crecimiento de un gran jardín y un máximo," dijo Nurhaedi, los agricultores de césped en la casa de campo de maíz del este, Tangerang. Uno de los requisitos para poder crecer hierba buena es suficiente luz solar. Casi todos los tipos de césped necesitan la luz del sol, aproximadamente seis horas al día.
Hierba 2

Distancia de siembra de hierba no debe ser demasiado Rapay, pero tampoco demasiado flojo para que el crecimiento desigual (Foto: Hasto)

No necesitan cuidados especiales

En realidad, no había nada especial en cuanto a la plantación y el cuidado de céspedes. Según Nung, Nurhaedi sustos, muy fácil de planta de la hierba, pero de golf de hierba que necesitan un tratamiento especial.

Debido a que la hierba también puede ser plantado en diversos tipos de terreno, tal vez sólo tener en cuenta el espaciamiento, especialmente para este tipo de mini-pasto elefante. "La distancia no es demasiado apretado para ser apilados, pero tampoco demasiado poco frecuente, ya que puede afectar a la apariencia", dijo Nung.
NIDO: Plantae (plantas)
Subreino: Tracheobionta (Plantas Vasculares)
Súper División: Spermatophyta (Produce semilla)
División: Magnoliophyta (plantas con flores)
Clase: Liliopsida (discontinua una / monocotiledóneas)
Divisiones: Commelinidae
Orden: Poales
Familia: Poaceae (gramíneas tasa)
Género: Zoysia
Especie: Zoysia matrella (L.) Merr.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How to get started:

How to get started:
How to start a pitcher plant cultivation. We must find the seeds prior to planting. It would be easier if we also buy pitcher plants are still young and small. It is beneficial for you weeks to learn to care for pitcher plants if we are just starting to try it, so that when the seeds we planted have started to grow, we're used to plant it. In Indonesia alone most plant Nepenthes Nepenthes gracilis is a type of behavior, where the price depends on the color. For green color
Agen Casino Onlineprice 50000 dollars for those who do not come out the bag. For already out the bag about 100,000 to more expensive brown color that is among the most expensive 150000-200000 is Nepenthes reinwardtiana can reach 1 million.
Society is not a lover of plants and these plants are not mengenala.
Key to Success:
In addition to marketing through the mass media and the Internet, where the exhibitions are also very good to promote this crop. Many read the tabloids or magazines and books that discuss the pitcher plants because these plants often discussed because of its advantages in memenghasilkan mengiurkan money.

Agen Judi BolaPitcher plant care tips:
For crop cultivation and reproduce this, we can do it with stem cuttings. This is the easiest way:

Selecting the parent plant has grown about 1 year old with a minimum height of one meter.
Cut along the 15cm stem with 3-4 leaves leaf segments, then cut the leaves in half to reduce evaporation. And cutting the leaf tip to the base cutting edge and the end to facilitate entry into the media.
Smearing the lower end of the root cuttings with hormone boosters or with fungicide to prevent fungus rod.
Planting stem cuttings in polybags measuring 8 cm x 15 cm or in plastic cups 9 cm diameter 13 cm high base walls have been perforated.
Using a planting medium with a composition of 1:1, and put the plants in the shade with a light intensity of approximately 25%, and 70-80% humidity. Leaf buds will grow in 2-4 weeks after planting.

Agen Bola Terpercaya    Avoid plants from direct sunlight.
After having 3-4 leaves, we can move the plant to 10-15 cm diameter pot and add media such as humus, compost, or moss. After that we put them in the light intensity 50%.