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Friday, April 4, 2014

ften fish cork brought flooding to the trenches around the house

Often fish cork brought flooding to the trenches around the house, or into the maintenance of fish ponds and become pests that prey on pet fish there. If the rice fields, pond or ditch dries up, the fish will seek to move to another place, or if unavoidable, will bury themselves in the mud to place it back watery. Therefore, these fish are often found 'walk' on land, especially at night in the dry season, look for another place that is still runny. This phenomenon is because the cork has the ability to breathe directly from the air, using a kind of labyrinth Portal Agen Judi Bola Sbobet Piala Dunia 2014  organ (such as catfish or damselfish) but more primitive.
In the breeding season, male and female fish cooperated in preparing the nest between plants near the water's edge. Children fish red orange black stripes, swim in groups working together to and fro in search of food. This young group unattended by a parent.
Fish cork ALBUMINTM widespread ranging from Pakistan to the west, southern Nepal, most parts of India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, southern China, and most parts of Southeast Asia including western Indonesia.
ALBUMINTM cork and relatives including animals of the Old World, from Asia (genus Channa) and Africa (genus Parachanna). Altogether there are about 30 species of these two genera.
In Indonesia there are some species that are naturally Channa ALBUMINTM all spread to the west of the Wallace Line. But now the cork ALBUMINTM been introduced into the eastern part anyway. One close relative of the cork is Tomang fish (Channa micropeltes) the body length can exceed 1 m and weighing more than 5 kg.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Fertilization and care

Fertilization and careOnce all the seeds are planted , we just provide fertilizer and care for our tomato plants . Given type of fertilizer or manure compost could be another tomato is a fruit vegetable crops are very in enjoy doing and have a very high nutritionalLately society, especially urban land use narrow or yard becomes more optimal . Ie by planting vegetables in pots are laid out in the yardII . GUIDELINES FOR PLANTING VEGETABLES IN TOMATO POT1 . Tomato Seed SelectionCriteria for a good tomato seeds are :a. No defects / injuriesb . Healthy , showed no pests / diseases .c . Clean of dirtd . Seeds not wrinkled2 . Seeding tomatoes .After the selection process of the tomato seeds tomato seeds then disinfected by immersing into a solution of fungicide seed tomatoes , aims to microorganisms that can cause illness to death , after the new sowing in the nursery . After the seeds grew and aged 7-10 days seedlings moved into the little bags and then left for 17-21 days Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Uang Asli Indonesia
 . Seedlings are ready to be moved into the pot .3 . preparation PotVarious pots that can be used : Pot cement , kramik pots , plastic pots , or potting soil , polybag , tin - tin cans . Pots used should have a bottom hole so that the water can come out easily .4 . Preparation of planting medium .Planting medium used rice husk ash fuel , manure , soil with berbandingan 2 : 1 : 1 . All planting in mixed media flat and then put into the pot .5 . PenamamanAfter the pot and then the 30-day -old seed planted into pots / polybag .6 . maintenanceTomato plants that have been grown in pots placed a shady place . Once the new shoots grow it in pots can move kepekarangan open , or in a place that is not subject to direct sunlight . Watering is done 2 times daily morning and afternoon . To keep the tomato plants grow upright then mounted marker / stick .7 . fertilization

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Do not be, because one can choose the material of baby clothes,

Do not be, because one can choose the material of baby clothes, baby skin is sensitive and delicate that even flushed, experience spots or irritation due to baby clothes contain harmful substances that make the skin baby being allergic. Or do not get interrupted because the baby's digestive system, the baby who likes to suck on the tip of her dress clothes instead turned out to contain additives. Of course there are more dangerous additives of clothes that can be inhaled by the baby, can cause respiratory problems in infants.
Mall di Jakarta Because there are a lot of things to note before parents baby clothes make your choice, including: Buy Baby Clothes All the Utterly Qualified
Do not be tempted by discounts or low prices offered by various stores clothing your baby without knowing its quality. You avoid compromising quality baby clothes, as tempted by the cheap price. example, do not get when in use by your baby, the color becomes faded clothes. Dilution of the color will be easily absorbed by the skin pores baby, and this is very dangerous for the baby. Moreover, not rapihnya stitching on baby clothes can also make the baby uncomfortable. So give always the best for your baby including clothes, but not too always buy clothes at expensive prices. If necessary, buy clothes baby clothes has been certified standard bay. Fabric
Avoid selecting or making baby clothes with pure nylon material, jeans or parachute. Because of these materials can be easy to make the baby sick. Increasingly frustrated baby, baby sweating and the easier it is to invite a lot of bacteria. Also avoid
Hotel Murah Di Jakarta all fabric is too rough and hard. Clothing material as this will make the baby more susceptible to skin irritation. Choose clothing that is made from soft and smooth. Cotton baby clothes good enough to be selected, because in addition to the soft, cotton can absorb sweat. In addition, the use of materials with tailor weather clothing, such as summer use materials that are a little thin to provide enough air for your baby's body and vice versa. Prioritizing Comfort For Baby

Monday, March 17, 2014

Set up a plan first , first , ask permission ask my mother for wanting to

Set up a plan first , first , ask permission ask my mother for wanting to " rob the land of its growing media . Then tomorrow afternoon in the office i was googling about chilli plant in the yard , his tips and tricks . It turns out that not much of that I get , but it is enough for a rich farmer newcomer gw [ :) ] .
Planting media already have , now living nyari its container . I thought , " if we have to buy pot , means must ngeluarin money , use what w
JOKIBET.COM Agen Casino Online Terpercayaas it ... oh yes , there is a used plastic water bottle oxy , keluarin keringet bit , but could not get out of capital . " [ Pengiritan true ! ! :) ] . Done ! i can make 15 pots alakadar , enough for planting the first trial . Then , enter the soil planting medium taste . Gw capital spend to buy chili seeds " dew " in the plant shop near the house for Rp 12,000 , - with a net weight content of 10 gr .
Then , up to a quarter of the contents ga gw peppers soak seeds in warm water for approximately 8 hours . And according to the article that I get on the internet , growing media would be better if watered with cold water from the fridge because it will prevent the growth of fungus and microbes that will damage the plant . Sunday morning September 14 i started soaking the chilli seeds and growing media flush with cold water . And at night , i planted in planting seedlings planting medium , the contents of the pot in about 3 to 5 seeds .
Said article , the new seedlings can be transferred to polybags each day to 14 . I mean just waiting . Each home from work , i ran straight for chili Seeing gw curiosity ; first day nil , nil second day , the third day there was still no sign of change , the fourth and fifth are also nil . Start confused gw , until day six co ga still no change . What is one of the growing process that i did . Or does the hand fit so farmers gw ga . But , Sunday morning on the day to seven turns some chilli seeds have started issuing root tendrils . I mean chilli growing ! .
chili age of 7 daysCayenne pepper cultivation in poly bag or pot basically can be done by anyone since the planting process is very easy and the results you can use yourself . In fact , if you plant it in a relatively large amount , you can harvest and sell this cultivation can you make as one of your side business .
But of course you need to prepare a variety of things required to make this chili cultivation . In addition to preparing the ground or a place where you will put a polybag and pots which are numerous , the most important information you need is tips chili cultivation in pots or polybags in order to achieve maximum results . Do not forget to prepare th
DAUNPOKER.NET AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYAe necessary equipment to perform this cultivation .Tips and How cayenne pepper cultivation in poly bag or Pot
Here are the tools you need to prepare as well as things you should do in chili cultivation :

Prepare equipment and media
You will need tools such as a planting medium fertile soil that has been mixed with organic fertilizer ( the ratio 1:1 ) , the good seeds or seedlings , organic pesticides , tools pemyemprot , dipper and bucket for watering plants , pots or polybags amount desired ( keep the maximum diameter of about 35cm order ) .
sowing Seeds
If you do not have seeds to plant , you can make your own with equal chili seeds in pots or plastic bag, or other media such as cans or buckets .
Prepare growing media
Sipakan planting medium fertile soil mixed with organic fertilizer where the ratio is 1:1 . Once the seeds are sown earlier we lived about 3 to 5 weeks ( already has five leaves ) , move into the growing media you've prepared earlier . Try to keep 2 or 3 days before planting , the planting medium you already flush with water and organic pesticides cair.Kali this , we will explore techniques of red pepper cultivation organically , step by step . What is pres AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA ented here is not just a theory , but we practiced directly in Padakembang , Tasikmalaya , West Java . Planting took place on December 29, 2012 , and the photos shown here are the result of the first observation . Allah willing, we will continue to review or observe and report any development of plants periodically to the viewers . So stay tuned , visit our website and aktiflah always discuss .

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Neighbors of the village who sell getuk often buy cassava from the garden side of the house .

Neighbors of the village who sell getuk often buy cassava from the garden side of the house . Generally he bought only one tree , the weight of t Bandar Terbesar Situs Togel Online Terpercayahe tuber about 8-10 kg . A few weeks later the seller getuk back to buy cassava . As usual , he only asked for one tree . But after a tree removed , tuber weight 15 kg . Subsequently revoked one tree , in the hope tubers weighing 10 kg . Apparently after weighing up to 17 pounds were weighed . Though no added fertilizer factory land . Only covered by straw mulch crop byproducts .
Actually we plant cassava in the garden beside the house which aim to utilize the land had not been productive . Many astute farmers plant cassava . Because cassava cultivation does not require treatment difficult . Plus Indonesian tropical climate and good rainfall for growing cassava . Distek enough cassava stem from its parent , and then grown on land that has been loose .
In our garden , given the land to grow cassava homemade compost and watered soil nutrients dicangkul.Setelah it homemade . Only then land planted with cassava and some other plants . Watering is not too often , because it is planted during the rainy season . In order to grow cassava shoots and growing well .
After about seven months old cassava , there are already some trees removed for their own consumption . And one tree produces an average cassava tubers 10 kg . Then for a few weeks we were busy harvesting rice . Most of our crops of rice straw used as mulch in land under cassava . And as has been told , was the use of organic mulch can increase the quantity of cassava as much as 40-50 percent .
Maybe it happens because of the amount of nutrients in the mulch -covered ground increases . Piles of straw or mulch covering the soil is able to help condition the soil moisture . Because moist , then the microorganisms can grow well under a pile of mulch . The microorganisms will produce enzymes that can provide nutrients and minerals to the soil . They also destroy soil organisms of organic mulch material itself and form compost . And according to the article on wikipedia , mulch can also prevent the growth of weeds and diseases .
Besides beneficial for soil fertility , organ
Kuliner Balikpapan ic mulch such as rice straw is easy to come by and cheap . Because almost every farmer growing rice straw inevitably produce . The use of straw mulch is not limited to land at the side of the house. Rice fields are now always cultivated rice straw covered every harvest season arrives . So when the rice will be replanted , soil nutrients have got enough .
In addition to adding the weight of cassava , the use of organic mulch ( as well as homemade organic nutrients ) may also affect the quality of cassava planted . Many neighbors and our guests said cassava is soft and gentle . Although this type of cassava planted cassava instead of butter . But local cassava usual . Getuk sellers often buy any merchandise sold cassava . Indirectly, we help fuel organic garden sustenance others through cassava .
For the record , the thickness of organic mulch pile perrlu note . If too thick even mounting , the result is not good for the soil . Because the soil does not get sunlight . It can harm plant growth .
Good luck using organic mulch .
1 Commentfrom → Farming , ResultsHow to Make PGPR , hyper Bacteria Plant GrowthJanuary 29, 2011tags: PGPR bacteria , creating bacterial PGPR , PGPRby bundalf
What is a PGPR ?PGPR ( Plant growth -promoting rhizobacteria ) are bacterium plant growth promoter . Bacteria contained in PGPR is a type of bacteria that normally live in the roots of plants . These microorganisms live in colonies around plant roots and helps stimulate plant growth .
After reading wikipedia , PGPR was first studied by Kloepper and Schroth 1978 . They found that the presence of bacteria that live around the roots is able to stimulate plant growth when applied to the seeds / seedlings . Not only that , the plants will adapt to pests and diseases .
How PGPR bacterial DAPT spur growth ?PGPR bacteria capable of fixing nitrogen from the natural or the term free fication free nitrogen . Free nitrogen is converted to ammonia and then distributed to the plants . The root bacteria are also capable of providing various plants need minerals such as iron , phosphorus , or sulfur . PGPR also spur an increase in plant hormones . The increase in these plant hormones that directly affect plant growth .
How to Make PGPR

prickly PGPR
Prickly PGPR is made from bamboo roots of approximately 250 grams were soaked in water for three three nights . Or soaked with coconut water . Togel Singapura | Togel China | Togel Sydney | Togel Cambodia     ingredients :
20 liters of water1/2 kg of rice bran / rice branterasi1 tablespoon water whiting250 grams of brown sugar / molasses

How to make :
Mix all ingredients , then bring to a boil .Once cool , mix 1 liter " PGPR prickly " . Cover tightly . Let stand one to two mingggu .
application PGPR

PGPR that has so can be applied to the soil around the plant with the comparison ; 200 cc PGPR for 14 Liters of water .
Seeds were soaked PGPR can stimulate root growth .
Note :PGPR bacteria are soil bacteria that period of his life is not long . Because it is necessary to restore the population of each will be sowing seeds .
May be useful .
Another source of PGPR : CommentsMicro- organisms from → Local , NutritionPlant nutritionJuly 1, 2010experienced by farmersnutrition AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYASample a variety of types of nutrients ( except urea )
Plant nutrients or liquid organic fertilizer , we can actually make your own . Lots term or terms as a function of plant nutrients or abortion . For example PGPR ( plant growth promoting rhizobacter ) , MOL / IMO ( local microorganisms ) , as well as other nutrients . In essence , each herb has its own properties to the plant . And for some herbs , nutrients can also be used in animal and human consumption . Of course, on the number and specific content .
I make a wide variety of nutrients for the plants tested . Armed with the knowledge of fellow farmers and try their own , I mix the nutrients from a variety of plants , fruits , fish , animal urine or other organic material to be fermented . Results fermentAsian then tested on plants .
Some of the nutrients that I made , among others :

Coconut PGPR
cow urine
microbes II
egg nutrition
fish nutrition
These nutrients have different uses and applications . Each one had the time of use . Some are used as seed soaking , there are used during the growing season ( to prevent disease ) , there is used in the transitional period , there was also used during the reproductive or fruit formation . JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA BANK LOKAL The use of nutrients is more diverse and practical than urea or other fertilizer factory . Nutrition is also given in the optimal amount and the right time . The point that the nutrients are absorbed in accordance with the needs of crops to grow and build immunity from various diseases .

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ebe ọ bụ na isiokwu nwere otutu nzo ukwu site

Ebe ọ bụ na isiokwu nwere otutu nzo ukwu site zoo ma na e nwere ọtụtụ ndị na iso ke ufọt , mgbe ahụ, m na mmadụ na mberede kJual Sepatu Online Murah dPress gburugburu na efu iji gwụ. Olileanya a na peeji nke pụrụ ịbụ onye na tebụl ọdịnaya nke mere na i nwere ike ịmụta ya aga :Ndesịta WordPress na, Creation

Esi Mepụta WordPress na,
Mepụta faịlụ style.css
Mepụta faịlụ index.php
emebe Gburugburu
Ịgbazi obosara

LigaTaruhan Agen Bola, Agen Sbobet, Agen Ibcbet, Agen 338A Terpercaya    Na-eme ka -eche Ihu Ozi
Ịmepụta nkụnye eji isi mee
Eke oyomde Nkebi nke
Nịm ọdịnaya okirikiri nhọrọ ukwuu
Styling Afọ Ojuju
Na-eme ka Sidebar ngwaọrụ
Styling Sidebar
Ịmepụta footer
Ju WordPress na,

Ịmepụta N'ụbọchị NchNhr
Ịmepụta N'ụbọchị nkụnye eji isi mee
Ịmepụta N'ụbọchị okirikiri
N'ihi na ha kwuru ma ọ bụ ajụjụ , biko nyefere ọ bụla nke kwekọrọ ekwekọ ibuotikọ Aga m na-eche gị ajụjụ ma na -adị mfe zara .
Olileanya bara uru . Biko nyere aka agwa usoro a ndu na ndị enyi gị otú ahụ ka anyị nwere ike ịmụta ọnụ ebe a. daalụ :)
Ka ndak Agbaghara ụgbọ oloko , tinye ozi ebe a ka m nwere ike -agwa gị nwere ọhụrụ isiokwu e bipụtara na nke a blog :

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Tinye email gị ebe a :
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WordPress 3,5 na iri abụọ na iri na abụọ isiokwu
10 Atụmatụ na Typography nke ọma Ọgụgụ
WordPress 3.3.1 Nche onu
Kearu njehie : Kpọọ ka undefined ọrụ get_post_thumbnail_id ()
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Saturday, March 8, 2014


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